3 main trends Pop health in 2013

Ending 2013 it has given me a great opportunity to reflect on what I've been writing over the past year.  Looking back over 35 posts +, here are the trends that caught my attention:

1. social Media & public health: continues the intersection of these two themes that intrigue us in the field of public health and the implementation of social media is being explored in everything from preparation to education for health.

Favorite pop 2013 health:

Facebook is revolutionizing the search of an organ donor, but is it right? (27 de septiembre, 2013) #RoyalBaby offers the unique opportunity to public health to advocate for Maternal Child Health (July 23, 2013) Instagram is &! Using Instagram to public health (June 26, 2013) how and why should we "Pin" public health? (June 18, 2013)Emergency response to the attacks of the Boston Marathon: looking for social networking information, resources, and connections (16 April 2013) use Twitter to track disease: weighing the benefits and challenges (March 05, 2013) Downton Abbey: a spectator tears mountain leads to a discussion on incredible line on maternal health (29 January 2013)
2. celebrities & public health: this is not a new issue by any means.  For decades, celebrities have been advocates of health or the topic of discussion for a number of public health problems.  However, I like it a tendency to highlight in 2013 for two reasons.  (1) with the help of social media, celebrities are weighing on constantly about health topics and current events in real time. These views can come quickly and casually through Twitter or Facebook... already do not speak exclusively through advertisers and press releases press.  (2) public health is focusing on the evaluation of the impact of celebrities on health issues.  * I hope we see more of this in 2014!

Favorite pop 2013 health:

3. Crowdsourcing & public health: while I have not written anything as much as I'd like, I've been fascinated by the creative use of crowdsourcing in 2013 that has helped advance dialogue for public health.  [For those unfamiliar with the term, "crowdsourcing" is the Act of obtaining ideas, content, etc. for contributions from a large group of people as users of Twitter!]  Specifically, I'd like to recognize the slate for the use of this strategy in the history of #NotDeadYet a link below and, more recently, in its analysis of data from the death of weapon.  I think that in public health we can learn much from strategies of crowdsourcing that Slate has used readers.

Favorite pop 2013 health:

2014: I anticipate that each of these three themes will continue to grow and appear in many Pop health posts in 2014.  I hope that we see more and more evaluation studies of media communication social/celebrity/crowdsourcing and its impact on public health initiatives.  I hope that these studies are widely disseminated and made accessible to many of us — even if we lack broad access to look at magazines reviewed the.  If you see this type of study, pass them along.  I hope to expand my posts "Research notes" in the next year and I would love to highlight such studies on the blog.

What do you think?

What other trends 2013 on health of public social media did you see your job? do trends new/expansion that will be in 2014.?

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